Nova Shorelines Ltd.
Chris Trider:(902) 890-7367
Brad Crewe:(902) 956-1928

About Nova Shorelines Ltd.

  1. The design and implementation of specific shoreline protection solutions
  2. The technical and writing skills related to strategic planning report writing and policy development
  3. Strong environmental and regulatory experience with all three levels of government

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Why Nova Shorelines?

Nova Shorelines Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 to provide solutions to problems in the coastal zone.

We provide a complete range of products and services Including planning and design, site evaluation and risk assessment, project  management, and strategic planning for climate change initiatives.

Nova Shorelines Ltd. offers expertise in Landscape Architecture,  beach and dune ecology, policy development, site planning, strategic planning , environmental management, and all aspects of access and use of the shorelines of Nova Scotia.

We also specialize in the protection and management of dyked lands and their associated tidal structures, and solutions to the erosion problems of tidal areas of the Bay of Fundy .

Staff and Background

The principals of Nova Shorelines Ltd. are Christopher Trider, President and Secretary, and Brad Crewe, Vice President and Treasurer.

Christopher Trider has an honours degree in Landscape Architecture and twenty-one years of experience in the Provincial government as a site planner and Nova Scotia’s Provincial Beach expert. Mr. Trider has lectured on dune ecology, prepared provincial policy for beaches and detailed site plans related to public access, environmental management, and recreational access to the shorelines of Nova Scotia.

Brad Crewe worked on the development and management of tidal structures and providing tangible solutions to stream erosion problems of the Bay of Fundy for 32 years with the Department of Agriculture. Mr. Crewe has a Master’s of Science degree with a specialization on sediment movement in Cobequid Bay.