Nova Shorelines Ltd.
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Nova Shorelines Ltd. Can assist Municipalities, landowners, and decision makers in:

  • The design and implementation of specific shoreline protection solutions.
  • Strategic planning and policy development.
  • The environmental and regulatory regime of the coastal zone.
  • The management and protection of coastal lands.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in the coastal zone.
  • The development of adaptive approaches and solutions to shoreline change.

Nova Shorelines Ltd. services:

Risk Assessment
The identification of coastal areas at greatest risk to the impacts of sea level rise and shoreline change
Project Management and design
The design and implementation of mitigationand adaptive solutions for sea level rise.
Strategic Planning
Lead the development of strategic plans to deal with all aspects of shoreline change and sea level rise.
Capacity Building
Train staff and help guide the planning and decision making process for the coastal zone.

Nova Shorelines will provide “front line” consulting and project management services to private and institutional clients in all aspects of sea level rise, shoreline erosion, vegetation management, and strategic planning for shoreline retreat. The company will research, assess ,and recommend solutions for municipal units  and landowners, develop prototype solutions for shoreline protection, provide project management services ,and  assist real estate agents and clients in the development of cost effective, environmentally responsible solutions to shoreline change caused by normal processes, storm events and seal level rise.

services descriptionThese solutions will come in a complete range of products and services, including assessment reports and recommendations, design alternatives, on site client and contractor consultations, risk assessment and reporting, strategic plan development, etc.